Mark Kamau African UX designer at UX Africa

Hello, I’m Mark Kamau
an Afro-centric UX Designer

It’s not a hobby it’s a way of life…

User experience design UX is a growing approach and discipline in Africa.  Wee continue to realize the first and foremost, deep contextual intelligence is needed as a precursor to solving our challenges.  I use a human centered design approach to help organizations innovate and grow.  I specialize in solving problems for African contexts.  I employing a process that identifies latent needs and hidden opportunities, bringing new thinking, products and services to market. I believe design is the most powerful tool for social and economic change. I am the User Experience Design Director at BRCK. BRCK is an innovative technology company focused in connecting Africa to the internet.

Among companies I have worked with include ideo, Google, Microsoft and iHub lean startups. With these organization I have played varied roles. These including ux strategy and architecture, design thinking, information architecture UX research, physical space design among other roles with the HCD spectrum.

I also founded the first open HCD lab in Africa, the iHub UX lab.

UX Africa focuses on sharing principles and best practices of Human Centered Design (HCD). This includes resources and training materials. Africa needs more design competence. My hope is that by sharing user centered design methods, we can together grow the practice of human centered design in Africa. This forum is open to contribution from across the continent South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, wherever you might be. On the other hand, you are welcome to enjoy, review critique and question the research or design Methods. Share some case studies with me too 🙂 This is our space.


2012 — Current
UX Design Lead
Here and There
2011 - & Before iHub
Design consulting: Africa-Europe